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HOW TO START TRAVEL AGENCY IN PAKISTAN Bolton Travel Agency will travel to Pakistan for flood relief.

Kamran Khan, owner of Bolton Travel Shop in Derby Street, and employee Abdullah Ijaz will travel to Balochistan, where floods have destroyed many lives. Abdullah, whose family is in Punjab, Balochistan and Surkot, heard firsthand about the devastation caused by the floods from his cousins, though all were safe. Follow on

He said: “One of my cousins called us and he told me what happened.” After that my parents started talking about it so we thought we could do something to help.

Everyone who came into the travel shop donated, with one even donating £1,000. will donate. “Where we live has not been affected by the floods but anything can happen so they are prepared.” It is sad to see people suffering there and to hear news of chaos.

The money will be used to provide food and shelter to people displaced by the floods. Read: Aamir Khan’s card Kamran Khan, flood relief manager of Imran Khan’s The Travel Store in Pakistan.

Total online and cash donations have now reached just over £4,000. Flooding in Pakistan, which has more than 7,000 glaciers and more than 1,000 outside Antarctica, has been considered a climate disaster by top climate officials, including Sherry Rehman.

There is enough everywhere. As temperatures rise, glaciers begin to melt, causing rivers to burst and then burst. More than 1000 people have lost their lives. Donate to the Go Fund Me page here. ( ?qid=b4cd276a6a04441122ff1b9c2703904f)


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